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April Celebrations

I am taking a break this week from the staging/redesign blogs to do a little blurb about some of the things I am thankful for in my life. I want to reflect on life, love, family, and blessings.

Life in general is great. I’m grateful for being healthy and happy. I am blessed with a wonderful family. I have a fantastic, supporting husband and two great children who have gone on to make their own lives and have found loving spouses. I still have both of my adoring parents and three great sisters, numerous nieces and nephews, and now great nieces and great nephews. There’s a special little boy in my life that I proudly call my grandson. I have many wonderful friends, some that I’ve spent my whole life with. There is so much to be grateful for but here are a few of the things in particular that I want to celebrate this month:

1st anniversary of my business – It has been a fantastic year of meeting interesting people and beautifying homes. I’ve had a lot of fun, despite the trials and challenges of starting a new business. I truly love doing this line of work and it gives me great satisfaction to be able to help clients move on with their dreams and lives. This year is already ramping up and looks as though it will be a busy one. I thank everyone who has put their faith in me or helped me in any way over the past year and I look forward to many enjoyable years to come.

Spring – It has been a long winter but I think we are finally coming to the end. The signs of spring are all around us. The robins and pussy willows have arrived, along with the spring flowers. The sounds of spring have begun – birds singing, frogs peeping, and geese honking. The flowers and shrubs are budding and blooming and the grass is beginning to turn green. The days are getting lengthier and warmer and the air is fresh and begs us to stay out longer to enjoy. It really is a wonderful time to be alive and well.
Spring Flowers


Happy EasterEaster – The celebration of Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead is Christianity’s most important holiday. Even if you aren’t religious, I think Easter is a time of renewal…a new beginning. It’s a time to get together with family and friends, to enjoy sweet treats and chocolate, to paint eggs in bright colors with the children, hunt for Easter eggs, and anticipate what the Easter bunny will bring for you. Regardless of your religion, customs, and traditions, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend filled with love and joy.


And last but not least, I’d like to send my parents very special wishes on the celebration of 60 amazing years together. As children we take so much for granted. As we grow older, we realize how challenging it must have been to raise five daughters, how much our parents sacrificed for us, how thoughtful they have been, and how much their love means to us. They instilled vital values and ethics on us and taught us to be strong and independent but to love unconditionally. They taught us to be proud but unselfish and to appreciate life as it was dished out to us. Life isn’t always easy – there have been successes, celebrations, losses, and tragedies, but their love has always seen them through. I thank them for their love and support, and for always being there for all of us. I thank them for all the magnificent memories over the years and wish them many more years together filled with many more wonderful memories. Love you mom and dad – happy 60th anniversary.

Mom Dad wedding day Mom Dad


To commemorate all these blessings, I’m offering a special deal of $60 including taxes to anyone booking a consultation before the end of the month (regularly $69 + tax). That’s a 25% saving!! Contact me now to see how I can make your home stand out over the competition and sell faster for more money.

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