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Feature Friday – 857 Dalmatian Drive, Greenwood

Hi everyone.  I hate to keep using the “technical issue” excuse but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  🙁  It is still Friday though so here’s my feature for this week.

This lovely split level home located on a fabulous lot in Fales River S/D just went on the market this week.  My prediction in last week’s video was that it wouldn’t last long and it appears that I was correct.  🙂 Stay tuned for more exciting news in the upcoming week or so.

The seller did a fair amount of work on this home.  It was painted throughout and the kitchen upgrades turned out amazing.  It’s those changes that are going to wow potential buyers and make them want to own your home.

Thanks to Randy from Spinney Photography for the wonderful photos.  It pays to have home staging and professional photos for your listing, and Randy and I make a wonderful team. Hiring us both…just Makes $en$e!!!

Without further adieu, here’s my video:



Turnoff Tuesday – Lacking Lighting

Lighting has a dramatic impact on the look and feel of a space.  Poor lighting makes a home look dark and dreary.  It is imperative that all your light fixtures are in style and work well.  New fixtures are reasonably priced and can totally update a room’s look and increase the perceived value.  Replace any missing or dim light bulbs, and use the highest wattage recommended for each bulb.  Add lamps in rooms with poor lighting or to spaces for reading and other activities.  And don’t forget about the outside lighting as well…it’s just as important.

Everyone likes natural sunlight so open up blinds and curtains to allow as much light in as possible.  Make sure your windows are clean and trim back any foliage that may be blocking any light from outside.

Lighting can be used to draw a buyer’s attention to the positive attributes of your home and to detract from any negatives.

Buyers are looking for “light and bright” and since over 90% of buyers start their house hunting online, even your listing photos must portray it as well lit.  Schedule the photographer at the right time of day to capture your home’s best light.  Have all lights turned on for photos and for viewings.  If buyers can’t see your home, they won’t be excited about buying your home.

Good lighting will make your home appear cleaner and happier, which will make it more attractive to buyers and get you a faster sale at top dollar.  It just Makes $en$e.


Feature Friday – Living Rooms

Living rooms are ranked as the most important room to stage when you are selling your home.  Here’s some examples of my work.

Contact me before you list to make sure your home is picture perfect when those listing photos hit MLS so they stand out against the competition and get noticed.  It just Makes $en$e.


Passé Paneling

It’s a new year and time to get back on track with some Turnoff Tuesdays, where we discuss things that will potentially turn off home buyers.

While I’m all over some of the new wood panels you can purchase these days, and I absolutely love barnboard and shiplap (thanks Joanna Gaines), I truly believe that the old retro sheets of wood wall paneling that everyone used back in the 60s and 70s totally date a home and lower it’s perceived value.  What we once thought was HOT…now is NOT.

If you have any paneling in your home and you are getting ready to sell, at the very least you need to have it painted.  There is some work involved with cleaning, sanding, filling in the grooves with spackle, and applying a stain blocking primer prior to painting, but it will make an amazing difference in the look of the room (as seen in the photos below).

Don’t look at it as work for you…instead, see it as a way to eliminate one more obstacle standing between you and a potential buyer.  Doesn’t it…just Make $en$e.


2017 Home Decor Updates

This video was meant to be my Feature Friday issue but since I’m not the most technically minded person, it’s a little late.  Hope you enjoy it just the same.

Whether you are staging to sell or decorating to dwell, I can help you.  Contact me to find out more info.  It just Makes $en$e.


10 Things Home Sellers Can’t Learn from TV or Internet

So you have been watching all the HGTV home renovation and home sale shows, and have read several online articles about staging your home to sell.  Maybe you are even great at decorating and changing up your decor items.  So why would you need to hire a home stager?

While the reality shows have helped homeowners to understand the importance of preparing a home for the market, they don’t tell you HOW to make the emotional connection with prospective buyers.

Hiring a professional home stager will guarantee that your home is staged properly to get the attention of buyers right from the moment your listing photos hit the MLS, enticing viewers, and getting that offer faster for a higher price.

Here’s a few ways that a staging professional can help you:

  1. Curb Appeal – If buyers are not impressed with what they see on the outside, you stand the chance of losing the sale.  A home stager will make sure that the home is as inviting outside as it is on the inside.
  2. Decluttering/Depersonalizing – You know you have to declutter and depersonalize, but do you know where to start and when to stop?  Do you know what items to remove and what to leave?  I once had clients whose home had been on the market over 2 years without an offer and had several price drops.  They had thought it best to remove as much as possible to make the home appear larger.  But what they had done was to strip the home of all it’s character, coziness, and charm.  After my consult, rearranging furniture, hanging artwork, and adding cushions, rugs, and accessories, the home sold immediately to the first viewers.
  3. Furniture Placement – How many homes have you seen listed where the furniture is just lined up along the walls?  A home stager will assess each room and recommend what furniture to keep , what should be removed, and where to place the furniture so that the room is open and inviting while maintaining function and flow, as well as highlighting any positive features of the rooms.
  4. Paint Colours – Staging is not about using trendy colours or letting the children choose what they want.  Each colour is chosen specifically for individual rooms based on the home style, lighting,  and other finishes of the home (such as flooring, cabinets, etc.).
  5. Updates/repairs – Yes, it’s usually a must to have to do some repairs before listing.  A home stager will evaluate what updates and repairs will not only increase the sell-ability but will give the best return on investment to your home sale.
  6. Tradespeople – Stagers typically have a list of tradespeople that are highly skilled and reliable, ensuring that clients receive quality work at reasonable prices.
  7. Repurposing furniture – Utilizing current available furniture is a must to help save sellers from spending valuable dollars on purchasing or rental.  Sometimes it’s just a matter of moving something from room to room to fulfill a purpose and define a space.
  8. Lighting – Lack of lighting can leave a home feeling dark and dreary.  It’s important to have proper lighting everywhere to highlight the home and make it feel bright and inviting.
  9. Making a bed – Every little thing counts when selling your home and making a bed properly is a great example.  Home staging will assure that your beds are styled properly to attract max attention in your listing photos.

10. Showcasing/Accessorizing – Most home stagers have an inventory of accessories and accents to add the final touches to their clients’ homes at a minimal rental fee, saving them from having to make expensive purchases.

A professional home stager understands how difficult it is to live in and maintain a show-ready home.  They are prepared to provide clients with valuable information and solutions to get through this difficult time.  The good news is that a staged home will sell faster than one that is not staged so it shouldn’t be too long before the home is SOLD.

Hiring me before you list…just Makes $en$e.


Turnoff Tuesday – Stinky Stenches

Strong odors in a home can be a powerful deterrent to prospective buyers, often leading to a slower sale and most likely at a much reduced price.  While some buyers are more tolerant of odors, everyone has a reaction to them.  Some of the biggest offenders are: cigarette smoke, cat urine, dog odors, cat litter, dirty laundry, reeking shoes, dirty diapers, rotting food, mold, and mildew.  Even strong cooking smells can be unpleasant so try to avoid things like deep frying, curries, fish, and garlic.

Some of these issues can be easily handled and some can be very costly to get rid of or fix.  It’s in your best interest to address the root cause before you list.

Even the smell of air fresheners can be overwhelming to some and several of them scattered around a home will lead buyers to believe that you are trying to cover up something.

It’s difficult sometimes for home owners to detect bad smells in their own home.  Even real estate agents may be uncomfortable about broaching the subject with you.  That’s where a professional home stager comes in.  They are trained to identify odors and help you to come up with a plan to eradicate them.

Once the problem is fixed and the home thoroughly cleaned, another idea is to introduce positive smells into your home such as fresh baked bread, pies, or cookies.  Fresh flowers, simmering citrus, vanilla, or lightly scented candles (which can be used for decor) are other pleasant aromas that will appeal to viewers.

Always make sure your home smells light, clean, and fresh when prospective buyers are viewing.  It just Makes $en$e.




Turnoff Tuesday – Wicked Wallpaper

Buyers have a hard time seeing past wallpapers and borders when they are viewing a home, either online or in person.  Yes, it’s true…there are some nice new wallpapers on the market once again, however, I’m seeing a lot of the “old” stuff still in listing photos.

Wallpaper is a very personal taste item.  Remember how long you poured over the sample books looking for the perfect pattern to put in your home.  Well that takes us back a few years and chances are that print is now very dated and will not appeal to (m)any.

Wallpaper not only dates your home immensely, but it means time, money, and work to strip it off and repaint the areas involved.  Some sellers have it in numerous locations.  This will send buyers packing to avoid this tedious task.


If you have wallpaper or borders, it’s time for it to go.  Removing it and painting BEFORE you list your home will add value and increase interest.  It just Makes Sense.


Turnoff Tuesday #8 – Cluttered Counter Space

We all know the kitchen is the heart of the home so it needs to be impressive when you are selling. No matter how lovely your kitchen may be, if the countertops are covered with “stuff”, it won’t excite anyone.


Remove everything except a couple items on the counters.  Remove all appliances if kitchen is small or keep them to a maximum of 2 if you have loads of counter area.  Remove bottles of dish detergent, washrags, scrub brushes, and sponges at the sink.  Don’t leave a dish rack next to the sink or dishes in the sink. Don’t hang grimy dishtowels and potholders from anything.  Banish all magnets, photographs and shopping lists from the front of your fridge.

Add a nice basket of fruit, a plant, or vase of fresh flowers for appeal.  Set up a pretty vignette or a coffee station along with a sweet treat for viewers to enjoy.

Keep it simple, yet elegant. Keep in mind that the more bare countertop you see, the larger the workspace will appear.

The condition of your kitchen can make or break a sale.  It just Makes Sense to do it right.


Turnoff Tuesday #7 – Wacky Paint Colours

As much as I love color, when you are selling your home, I’m afraid I’d have to advise you against letting your true colors show.  The idea of staging is to make your home appealing to the highest number of buyers. You want to attract their attention in a positive way, not because you are known as the house with the orange dining room or the purple bedroom.

Buyers do not want to have to paint once they have purchased a property and are busy moving in and getting settled.  If they see colors they don’t like when they are browsing online, they are more likely to skip over your listing and move on to the next, especially if it’s more than one room.

Bright and bold…

Neutral paint with added colour using accessories.

Purple would not be the colour of choice for many buyers.

More pleasing to viewers.

Colour can change the mood of a space and can make a room appear larger or smaller, lighter or darker.

Living room looking dark, dreary, and dated.

New colour makes the room appear brighter and larger.

Dining room appears dark and small.

Even painting one wall in a lighter colour made the room appear larger and brighter.

And don’t forget about the outside.  Paint colours can change the whole curb appeal.

Isn’t it worth your while to buy that can of neutral paint and make buyers stop and take notice?  Even if it’s a color they don’t like, at least they can live with it until they get around to making the change.

Having me in for a staging/colour consultation prior to listing just Makes $en$e.