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Finishing Touches

Keeping your Home in Top Form

In addition to specific areas mentioned previously in my blogs, there are a few daily and weekly maintenance tasks to be performed as well. You never know when someone will be calling for a showing. Take a few minutes each day to perform these tasks so that your home is always ready to show off in the absolute best form possible – dust, vacuum, air out and deodorize, wipe down bathrooms, clean mirrors and glass doors, sweep front stoop and walkway, water lawns and gardens, empty garbage cans and rinse to prevent odors, and sweep off back decks and patios. Mow the lawn weekly to keep it looking its best. If winter, shovel snow if needed every day and be sure to keep ice away using salt or sand.


well groomed lawns and gardens

well groomed lawns and gardens


Added Touches

The best way to entice viewers is by appealing to their senses. Here are some added touches you can use to help make that lasting impression when potential buyers come for a viewing. Smells are important – we can’t always have fresh baked bread or cookies made but you can have some aromatic candles burning or even spray sparingly with a room freshener. A vase of fresh flowers or a bowl of fresh fruit is a wonderful touch.

fresh flowers cropped

fresh flowers

fruit basket

fresh fruit basket

Make sure the thermostat is set at an appropriate temperature. If viewers are too hot or cold, they will want to leave quickly. If you have a fireplace, have it on. Soothing sounds are a great way to elicit pleasant memories so you can play soft, relaxing music in the background as buyers take a look around. Leaving a book open on the sofa or a warm looking throw across the bed will create a relaxed atmosphere. Let in as much natural light as possible by opening up curtains and blinds, and turn on lights and lamps to liven up the space and create ambiance.

cozy fire

cozy fire

I’m here to support you in preparing your home for sale. I want to help you sell fast and for a great price with as little stress as possible. I have rigorous training in resale redesign, furniture layouts, room setup, color selections, de-cluttering, depersonalizing, organizing, accessorizing, curb appeal techniques, and special staging techniques that grab buyers’ attention and send them away with that excellent all important impression of your home that helps them to think, “I want to live here!” Contact me now to get started.


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