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Home Owners

It is a proven fact that staged homes sell quicker with a higher return on investment than those not staged. It is not just decorating – it is marketing your property. It’s so important to give a good and lasting first impression. Approximately 80% of potential buyers look for their next home on the MLS, therefore it’s good to make yours stand out from your competition. 90% of the buying population cannot visualize the potential of a property and 63% of buyers will pay more for a move-in-ready home. The secret to creating the right impression is being able to envision what buyers will look for in your home. Makes Sense Home Staging and Redesign will deliver the expectations of the buyers in terms of the FEEL GOOD factor and making it appeal to the greatest pool of potential buyers.

That’s where “Makes Sense” will come into the picture. We will address issues such as curb appeal, re-arrangement of furniture and lighting, cleanliness, clutter and repairs, as well as paint and wallpaper. You can rely on us to liaise with local contractors, tradespeople, landscapers, and furniture rental businesses to deliver trustworthy, dependable, and cost-effective services to our clients. We can do as little or as much as you want — it is entirely up to you and what your budget will allow for the services you choose. The aim is to keep costs reasonable by using what furniture and accessories already exist, downplaying the negative features and highlighting the positive points, transforming your home to make it more inviting and memorable to prospective buyers and enticing them to make an offer.

The average buyers are looking for a house that requires no work, suits their lifestyle, and makes them feel at home when they walk in. They will form their opinion within the first five seconds of stepping into a home so a seller has to make that first impression a good and memorable one. If a house is in need of repairs, buyers will likely come in with a lower offer, so it is in your best interest to keep your home maintained.

The investment made to stage your house will likely cost less than your first price reduction. Spending a little now will pay off in the long run.

Why hire a home stager?

  • Save time

The sooner a home sells, the less time spent having to keep it clean and tidy for showings. As a professional stager, I will be able to walk into your home and immediately make decisions on what changes or improvements need to be done to make for a speedier sale. I can also provide the manpower to get the tasks done in a timely manner as well.

  • Save money

Although you will pay for my services, the return on investment can be huge. The sooner a house sells, the better the chances of getting the asking price. A staged home will make certain that the home will bring a price at the top of the range of the market that the house has been classified in. I have working relationships with contractors and tradespeople and can often get discounts on their services.

  • Filling the gaps

Since you are selling, you may not want to go out and buy furniture and accessories required to stage your spaces. I can make arrangements for borrowing or renting these items for the short term. I can also make arrangements for renting space to store the extra items to get them out of the house while it is for sale.

  • Making tough decisions

It can be difficult for home owners to make the tough decisions on the design elements of their home. A professional home stager doesn’t have the emotional attachment to the home so is able to make objective decisions on what can stay and what must go, based on what they know sells.

When should you stage your home?

The ideal time to stage your home is prior to listing. It will give your MLS listing photos the extra boost to make your home stand out against the competition. However, if your home has been on the market for some time and is not getting the showings much less offers, it’s never too late to call us in. Staging your home costs less than making that first reduction in price or accepting a low-ball offer. Once we have completed our services, you can have your realtor come back in and retake the photos. You are more likely to get your asking price and maximize your investment if you stage.


Selling a vacant home can be a very stressful time.  Even though no one is living in the property, the utilities, taxes, and mortgage still need to be paid.  In many cases the sellers have moved to a different location and quite often have bought another home.  Buyers tend to assume that they can get a deal on vacant homes because they know the owners may be more motivated to sell.  It is especially important to furnish vacant homes to capitalize on their potential and enhance the perception of their worth.  An empty house is cold and uninviting, difficult to imagine how to place furnishings, appears smaller, and the imperfections of the home will be heightened.  The home does not have to be completely furnished but we recommend that the main areas (at least) look “lived in”.

We will do a complete walkthrough and provide a detailed report on what your home needs inside and out to prepare it for staging.  Once these issues are addressed, we will make arrangements to rent quality furniture and accessories to make your home come alive in photos for your online listing.  Don’t let your home sit empty any longer.  Act now and get it sold so you can move on with your life.  The short term investment in home staging is less than a price reduction and will be a great return on investment for you the seller.

If you are a property developer, you will understand that a home sitting on the market for an extended time will severely impact your bottom line.  Let us stage your property and help you get top dollar from your investment.  Buyers are not looking for a house; they are looking for a home.  It just makes sense to use furnishings and accessories to provide them with that vision and get that emotional response when they walk in the door.