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I’ve Made Mistakes That I Can’t Erase, I’ve Made Mistakes

When it comes to home staging, it’s all about making your “space” stand out on your MLS listing and getting the attention of potential home buyers. You need to make it look as appealing and welcoming as possible. You are selling them a lifestyle, not just a home.

While there are definitely chores that anyone can do to get your own home ready for listing, I highly recommend that you hire a professional home stager to achieve the best results possible. It’s difficult for any individual to view their home with a critical eye. You live in it every day and you tend not to see the outdated wallpaper, stained carpets, scuffed up floors, old-fashioned fixtures and hardware, and worn paint on the walls. You no longer notice the odors of your own pets. You are oblivious to the amount of “extra” furnishings and belongings that you have crammed into your space.

You need someone who doesn’t have an emotional attachment to your home or contents to view it and tell you what needs to go and what needs to be added. As a professional home stager, I will be able to assess your home and transform it, using special techniques in furniture arrangement, lighting, and accessorizing to make the house appear bigger, brighter, cleaner, warmer, and more importantly, making the home buyer want to purchase it.

Last year while my own home was on the market, I made mistakes and learned some valuable lessons the hard way. While there were things I couldn’t change, such as the basement not being finished or the fact that it only had one bathroom, I listened to the feedback from viewers and responded as necessary.

The most common complaint was that the bedrooms were too small –

Even though my training taught me to prepare every room for its intended purpose, I continued to leave my office equipment set up in my third bedroom. This consisted of a huge corner workstation (with hutches) laden with computer, monitor, printer, shredder, and numerous other items that I was using for my business. Even though I had it set up with a bed, I thought it would be ok because this was my “office” and it was so much trouble to take it down and pack it away. Surely people could see that there was tons of room in that space if I could fit all that in there. NOT!!! All people saw was that the room was so crowded – therefore thinking it was too small. Removing the large desk and adding a much smaller one really opened up the room and made it look much larger.

large office hutch desk

large office hutch desk

bedroom with small desk

bedroom with small desk

My second bedroom (the smallest of the three) was set up as a guest room using a queen size bed, and again, it looked small and overcrowded. We took out the queen size bed and set it up as a young boy’s room in a nautical theme and it made the room seem huge.

spare room with queen size bed

spare bedroom set up as child's room

spare bedroom set up as child’s room

In the master, we removed the bookcase headboard (giving us more open floor space), rearranged the furniture, and lightened up the curtains and bedding to make it appear much bigger and brighter.

master before makeover

master before makeover

master - where did all that space come from?

master – where did all that space come from?

I can help you find space that you never realized you had and make your property so much more appealing.  Let me help get you noticed on MLS, bringing in more viewers, and faster, more enticing offers.  Contact me now before it’s too late.

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