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Here’s my second segment of organizational tips:

If you have children, train them to put things in their place. It may take time but eventually they will learn. Set a good example by doing it yourself.

Another great idea is to have the kids take a regular challenge to locate 5 items to donate, 5 items to throw away, and 5 items to be returned to their proper place.

Put all incoming papers in one designated spot and go through them on a regular basis to file, action, or trash.

A good suggestion is to do the “reverse clothes hanger trick”. Hang all your clothes on the rod with the hanger facing the opposite way. When you wear something, reverse the clothes hanger. After six months, get rid of anything that hasn’t been worn. The 6 month rule works for lots of other areas in the home as well – toys, tools, craft items, etc.

Make cleaning and organizing checklists to be done daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, and seasonally to help you stay on track.

Store all your instructional manuals/warranties (for appliances) in a binder. This can also work for takeout menus, and for storing your favourite recipes.

Store kids’ bath toys in a mesh laundry bag and hang from the faucet or from suction cups on the side of the tub.

Designate a basket for each person in your entryway to toss in all personal items for easy finding.

Keep sheet sets organized by folding and storing the sheets and one pillowcase inside the other pillowcase.

Keep the kitchen junk drawer neat and tidy by using drawer organizers. Be sure to purge and edit first.

Use vacuum seal bags to store out-of-season clothes and linens to save on space.

Keep paint chips, fabric swatches, and brochures (along with invoices) from your last redecorating project in a file for easy reference.

Making your bed and fluffing your pillows every morning will start your day on a positive note.

Put dirty clothes in a hamper immediately and fold and put away clean laundry as soon as possible.

Shred old papers, statements, and documents on a regular basis.

Get rid of anything chipped or broken that can’t be fixed easily or cheaply.

Dispose of medicines, vitamins, makeup, and nail polishes that have expired or dried up.

The suggestions are endless. I hope these have helped you get started. If you would like more help with decluttering and organizing, contact me. Don’t forget about my January promotion:

I would like for you to post pics or stories of your organizing successes or suggestions on my Makes Sense Facebook page. Or if you have some areas you would like help with or know someone who may need assistance, also post pictures or a write-up. For every entry received, I will enter your name into a draw to be held February 1.  I originally was offering 20% off, but let’s up the ante to a $50 credit off my decluttering/organizing services.


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