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Lonely days, lonely nights…

“The longer a home stands empty, the lonelier it gets.”

This quote is so true.  There is nothing appealing to most people about a vacant home.  It has no character, interest, or coziness factor which only seems to get worse the longer it lingers on the market.

Recently I furnished, accessorized, and showcased an empty home that had been for sale for a good portion of 2 years and it sold in 6 weeks.  The online photos made it look warm and inviting, ramping up buyers’ interest and bringing in several viewers, finally leading to that much awaited offer and sale.

If your home is sitting empty, you will want to invest in my professional home staging services, and certainly if it’s still occupied, get it staged to increase your chances of selling before it becomes vacant and lonely.

Lonely days, lonely nights.
Where would I be without my stager!

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