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My Mom

Mothers are very special people. They are cook, cleaner, teacher, nurse, cheerleader, referee, cab driver, care giver, disciplinarian, role model, and best friend all rolled into one. They are there through thick and thin and try to teach their children right from wrong. They laugh with you through good times and cry with you through the bad. They are on call 24/7, giving their all and asking for nothing in return.

I have been blessed with a wonderful mother who is now 83 and still very active and healthy. Words can’t express my love and admiration for this woman for all she is and has done. I want to pay special tribute to her and to all moms out there and special thoughts to those of you who have lost your mothers. It’s a void that can never be filled.

Speaking as a mom, I don’t need expensive gifts, jewellery, chocolates, or flowers. All I need is to hear my children tell me they love me. However, if you want to do something special for your mother on her special day (coming up this weekend), give her the gift of my services – whether it be decluttering and organizing, interior redesign and decorating, home staging to sell, exterior landscape planning, or even a color consultation to update the paint colors in her home. She will love you forever for it. Take advantage of my special offer on now through Mother’s Day and get 2 hours for $75 including tax.

Decluttering – Before

Decluttering – After

Living Room Before

Updating & Staging – Before

Updating - After

Updating & Staging – After

Interior Decorating – Before

Interior Decorating – After

I hope you all show or at least tell your mom how much she means to you, not just on Mother’s Day but every day.

Love you Mom.  You’re the Best!!!

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