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Passé Paneling

It’s a new year and time to get back on track with some Turnoff Tuesdays, where we discuss things that will potentially turn off home buyers.

While I’m all over some of the new wood panels you can purchase these days, and I absolutely love barnboard and shiplap (thanks Joanna Gaines), I truly believe that the old retro sheets of wood wall paneling that everyone used back in the 60s and 70s totally date a home and lower it’s perceived value.  What we once thought was HOT…now is NOT.

If you have any paneling in your home and you are getting ready to sell, at the very least you need to have it painted.  There is some work involved with cleaning, sanding, filling in the grooves with spackle, and applying a stain blocking primer prior to painting, but it will make an amazing difference in the look of the room (as seen in the photos below).

Don’t look at it as work for you…instead, see it as a way to eliminate one more obstacle standing between you and a potential buyer.  Doesn’t it…just Make $en$e.

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