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As a busy real estate agent, why not let me help give you the competitive edge.  Here’s what home staging can do for you:

  • Your listings will sell faster
  • You can ensure the highest possible return for your sellers’ investment
  • You can let us handle the difficult task of convincing clients that their home needs work or the sensitive chore of dealing with issues such as cleanliness, odors, clutter, etc.
  • Your MLS photos will be top quality, placing your listings on the top of viewers’ lists
  • Staging will help in making your marketing promotions more professional
  • Your satisfied clients will provide you with quality referrals

Why not offer your clients a Home Staging Service as part of your listing package.  It will show your clients that you are motivated to get them top dollar for their homes, rather than just reducing the listing price.  Your MLS pictures will stand out, enticing purchasers to view your properties first.

For a very reasonable flat fee, we will do an extensive consultation of your clients’ home and property and do a full detailed written report outlining what needs to be done.  We will provide valuable tips and suggestions to the clients to enhance their homes positive features and de-emphasize the negatives.  We will address issues such as paint colors, cleanliness, and minor repairs if required and provide contractors at fair rates to help get the jobs done.  Once the work has been completed, we will return and showcase two rooms that require the most work and get the house ready for show.  This will make your client’s property stand out from the competition.  Remember you only have one opportunity to make that First Impression count.

There will also be other packages available to choose from with special introductory rates.  Let me help you find the package that best suits your needs, as well as those of your clients.

Home Staging makes sense for your business.  Contact us today to discuss our quality, cost-effective services.  The benefits will far outweigh the costs.