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Simply having a wonderful Christmas time

The party’s on
The feeling’s here
That only comes
This time of year

Simply having a wonderful Christmas time
Simply having a wonderful Christmas time

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could “simply” have a wonderful Christmas time?  Wouldn’t it be so much better without the commercialism, the mounds of gifts, the overspending, the worrying about what to give that special person, the crowded malls?  Wouldn’t it be great just to spend time with family and friends?  We put so much effort into shopping, wrapping, writing cards, decorating, baking, cleaning, etc. that by the time Christmas comes, we are tired and stressed from it all, not to mention the money we have spent.

For me, I appreciate the opportunities to get together to celebrate the season with loved ones.  It’s all about simply enjoying each other’s company.  Every year I tend to do less and less…with the exception of maybe decorating.  🙂  Even my decorating style is simple and natural.  The few gifts I give are wrapped in plain kraft paper and tied with twine or burlap.  I give my adult children cash to help out with something they want to do…like my son taking a trip to Japan next year.  Instead of doing a gift exchange at work, I suggest we donate that money to the less fortunate.

This season I’d like for you to take a look under your Christmas tree and ask if you really needed to buy all those presents.  Was it necessary to spend all that money?  Will you use or wear everything or will it just take up space on a shelf or hanging in a closet?

Why not think about “spending time” instead of “spending money”?  Or maybe take a special trip, go out for a meal, a movie, a concert, a hike, bowling…whatever interests your loved ones and will bring you closer together.  Help someone trim their tree, decorate their home, make something home made, or do some baking.  Give children tokens to choose an outing of their choice.  There are lots of ways to make people happy – it doesn’t have to be an expensive gift and we are more likely to remember good times or good deeds rather than a scarf or tie.

Some memories I’ve made so far this year include my sisters getting together to decorate my mom and dad’s Christmas tree and do some baking and an evening enjoyed with some gals I went through school with.  You can’t beat time well spent.

my mom and sisters on tree trimming day

the gals' gathering 2015

However you choose to spend your holidays or your money, I hope you enjoy… simply having a wonderful Christmas time.





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