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Wanda’s expert advice and professional services were invaluable

To sell a property in a ‘Buyers Market’ requires taking advantage of every opportunity to make it as appealing as possible and contacting Makes Sense Home Staging and Re-Design achieved that for our home. From initial consultation to final staging Wanda’s expert advice and professional services were invaluable. Her attention to detail helped maximize the appeal of every room, from furniture placement to color consultation to providing the perfect accent pieces, her dedication and enthusiasm is obvious. Once the work and staging was complete, we wisely followed her advice to have professional photographer Randy Spinney provide listing pictures for our realtor. Wanda & Randy were both a pleasure to work with, each patiently going above and beyond to ensure the final results were outstanding and we are happy to report our property is SOLD. Whether you are selling a property, looking for design advice or perhaps some organizational tips we simply cannot recommend Wanda’s services highly enough! We are super satisfied clients and very grateful!

Sue and Gene Hay

Helpful and encouraging

Amazing how just a couple little changes can make a difference. Wanda was so great and helpful and encouraging! House had been on the market for over two years...with Wanda’s help we sold within a few weeks.

Are you posted? Fee is covered by Brookfield! No harm in having fresh eyes take a look and offer some advice.

House is sold and we are off to Comox!!

Thanks to our stager Wanda.

Renee and Jaden Braniff

It's the little things that make a difference

These remarks from a friend of clients after their home sold within a week of having me in for a consult...after spending 2 years on the market.  They did an amazing job of completing all the tasks I suggested and it paid off big time for them.  It just Makes $en$e.

"After seeing so many military members leaving without being a able to sell their home, and many others sell shortly after working with a home stager, I have become a huge believer in home staging. The consult fee is covered by Brookfield, there is nothing to loose in asking for a professional's opinion. If you can handle a little positive criticism and are motivated to make the little changes, I say go for it! It's the little things that make a difference. When it comes time, rest assured I will be giving Wanda at Makes Sense Home Staging and Redesign a call."

Wanda's work truly does speak for itself

The stresses of being a military family can be chaotic. Add a 6 month deployment and an unexpected posting, you'll experience true chaos with last minute renovations and still trying to balance home and work life. Wanda's work truly does speak for itself. However, I would like to express our gratitude for her care, mentorship, guidance and efforts helping us sell our home. For such a chaotic month, her professionalism and positive attitude kept us on a path to a successful sell! Thank you Wanda!

Jerrica Cull

Beautiful job at transforming our home

Wanda did a beautiful job at transforming our home. Very friendly and stayed in touch to see if there was anything to help us with. Sometimes you need a person on the outside to see your trouble spots and make you declutter too.
Thanks again Wanda for your help.

Gail and Ivan

created an environment that was cozy, inviting and that would leave a lasting impression

In preparation to sell our home we discovered this tidbit of information while browsing the internet. “Up to 90% (Canada) of home buyers search online before ever calling a real estate agent.” Knowing this we realized the importance of how well your house has to show on sites such as Viewpoint and Realtor.ca. With that in mind we decided to call a Home Stager. We contacted Wanda at Makes Sense Home Staging and Redesign and that ultimately was one of the best decisions we made to get our house ready to sell. On her recommendation we de-cluttered, removed personal items and re-arranged our furniture. In addition she provided us with advice ref wall colors. We also rented several items from her to further stage our home, which all helped to make our home warmer and more appealing. Within a short period of time Wanda was able to make our home look spacious and more attractive, not only to us, but also to anyone that eventually walked through our door. She created an environment that was cozy, inviting and that would leave a lasting impression where potential buyers could easily imagine themselves living in our home. At the end of the day she was able to help us show our home in its best possible light. Being in a subdivision that contained an area of relatively new homes, we believe home staging was one of the key enablers that allowed us to compete on an equal playing field. Thanks again Wanda for your expertise and assistance in selling our home in a very competitive market ! Rob & Liz O’Brien
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You truly have an incredible talent!

Wanda, you truly have an incredible talent! Your keen eye drew our awareness to areas of our home we had grown "blind" to. I would highly recommend your services, not only to those who are looking to sell; but, also those stuck in a design/functionality rut. You were such a pleasure to work with!


From 'Nice' to Gorgeous

With a deployed spouse, two dogs, and a 1 year old baby, suffice to say I had my hands full. Add to that a full bathroom reno, new deck build, and replacement for the main staircase that all had to happen before listing, I was extremely busy trying to get the house ready to go. I didn't have much time to consider design, which is why I called Wanda to come in and help me out. Let me tell you, the friendly service and professional level design touches she put into our home really made the difference for our listing, and because of her efforts, our house photos look amazing for our realtor.

If you are in the Greenwood area and are having a hard time imagining what your house could look like, give Wanda a call and she will help turn your house from 'nice' to gorgeous in a few short days. Highly recommended.

Patrick Dornan

Worth every penny spent!

I am one of Wanda’s many satisfied clients. We began our journey to sell our house over two years ago. We were met with the struggles of small town living, housing market fluctuations and an influx of houses for sale. We ended up listing, then renting and then again listing this past spring. We had our house listed for close to 6 months when as a last resort I decided to give staging a try. Let me tell you it was worth every penny spent! Wanda came in and not only gave suggestions on how to stage our house, but she suggested upgrades that would help make the house more appealing, as well as landscaping recommendations. Since we live out of province she met with our real estate agent and contractors and helped us arrange all that was needed to have the house completely staged. She was able to fill every room in the house and make it look lived in and beautiful. Wanda went above the staging by stopping by to check on our house regularly, coming before showings to turn on the lights, and helping with small things around the property. She did this all on her own time and without me asking. I honestly feel the staging was what helped sell our house! Prior to working with Wanda staging was never a consideration or thought but now I recommend staging your house if you are going to sell. If your house is sitting empty, call Wanda get some furniture put in and let her do her magic You won’t regret it!
Thanks for everything Wanda! ~ Shannon

Kind, supportive, knowledgeable, and professional

Thank you for your help getting the house ready to sell. It was nice before, but now it looks amazing! Getting ready to sell is such a stressful and anxious time. I couldn't have done it without all of your help and advice. You are kind, supportive, knowledgeable, and professional.
Call Wanda before you put your house up for sale. You won't regret it!
Mel Fraser

She did not disappoint!

As a fan of Make Sense Home Staging and Design and the work that Wanda has done on other people’s homes, it was only natural that we would contact Wanda when we moved into our new (to us) home and had trouble figuring out furniture layout in our living room. She did not disappoint! After our appointment yesterday afternoon, we now have a functional and beautiful living room that takes advantage of the whole room. We thought we would have to purchase new furniture to make the room ‘work’, but Wanda was able to re-use our own furniture and even keep hubby’s computer in the living room (which makes him very happy!). Next came picture hanging and we now have a room we love! We cannot say enough how happy we are with the transformation that Wanda has made in our living room (and picture placement in other rooms)! If you have a ‘difficult’ room, or feel the need for a change in wall color or decor, we highly recommend that you contact Wanda – you will not be disappointed! Two very happy clients, Margaret and Gary Mailman

My house looked better than it ever had.

I listed my house in April of 2015, thinking that it would sell quick as it was the prime time of year to sell a house. April, May, June and August came and went and after about 20 showings, my house had still not sold. It was demoralizing and frustrating as people came and went, with very few positive comments.

My realtor then suggested we get someone in to help to dress up the house a bit. She suggested Wanda from Makes Sense home staging and we couldn't have been happier. I'll have to admit, I'm not the most decorative person around and definitely didn't have a "pretty" home. She came in without judgement and made my house look better than it had ever been. I'm sure I cleaned out all her supplies as, like I said, I'm not decorative and she needed ALOT of stuff to fill up my walls and countertops.

She rearranged my home in a way that made it look very big and open. She came in September and because of the time of year, we only had about 3 showings until February. Although the house did not sell during that time, all comments now became positive and we were feeling much better and positive about selling. In March of this year we finally sold. FINALLY!!!! I do not think this would have happened without Wanda's help. We were so fortunate to have someone with such great expertise to help us sell our home. And the costs were very reasonable.

Thank you Wanda. You have a great talent.

Jen and Tyler Neufeld

Wonderful Wanda strikes again!

Wonderful Wanda strikes again!

We have never staged a home before, but with the market as tight as it is lately, we figured it was the right thing to do.

Wanda's consultation was extremely thorough, starting from the exterior then moving to the interior, room by room. We had lots of homework, but the difference that these small changes made was amazing!

We just finished our final staging and our home looks wonderful!

You are a real Superstar Wanda, great job!!

It was a pleasure having you in our home.

Karen and Cam

Her enthusiasm for home staging is contagious!

We just completed the staging process with Wanda and couldn't be happier with the results. She is extremely dedicated to making each room as appealing as possible and her attention to detail is outstanding. During our initial consultation, she provided detailed suggestions for furniture placement and household organization that would help us maximize the appeal of our house. Wanda's expertise really shone when we invited her back for the final staging just prior to listing. She dedicated five hours to reviewing every room in our house, adding decorative touches and ensuring every detail was taken care of. For a nominal fee she provided us with lovely decorative accessories. Wanda's expertise was invaluable and she is a pleasure to work with. Her enthusiasm for home staging is contagious!

Margot and Mike

Refreshingly positive and confident

We had our house on the market all last summer and for 4 months this year (total 270 days) with lots of viewings but no offers. Within one week of Wanda coming to our house and staging it, we had an accepted offer ….SOLD!!! Wanda was very knowledgeable and extremely dedicated to staging our house to its full potential while being refreshingly positive and confident that the house would sell. We would recommend, and have recommended Wanda’s services to anyone who is looking to sell. Thank you so much.

Peter and Karin

Best value and a quick sell in a difficult market.

Thanks for the help in staging our house. We are certain that it helped us get the best value and a quick sell in a difficult market. Your going the extra mile and renting us out your own things to make our house look the best and have that extra touch was wonderful. We are definitely going to be passing on your business cards to our friends that are moving!

She makes it all Make Sense

"Makes Sense Home Staging" how simple a title to sum up what Wanda truly does. She makes it all make sense.

Wanda came into our house and staged it as a home. Her expertise created a better flow and use of space. She made some changes that made me wish I had used this service without even wanting to list my home for sale.

A very talented lady, with a great eye for style. She brings a fresh perspective to your space,something that is missing when you live in that space everyday.

The ease of working with her is second to none.

Thanks so much Wanda for helping us be successful in selling our home..great job!


"Going the second mile"

You listened, looked, planned & accomplished the essentials with simplicity , preciseness, & making clear functions for each area in a warm & inviting way. It has made a big difference & already several promising showings have happened. It has been a rewarding team effort, Wanda. Thanks for " going the second mile" .

Marilyn Margeson

Incredible Transformation

Wanda came to my place today and did a fabulous staging job for me!!! There was an incredible transformation just using my existing items and decluttering!!! I will definitely recommend this service to anyone and everyone I know looking to organize, declutter, stage, or redesign!! Thank you so much Wanda, I will see you again 🙂


Best professional stager!

Thank you Wanda for your expertise and care you give to my clients! Selling a home is stressful enough as it is and you are making the process easier and bringing some fun and beauty to the experience.

Best professional stager in the Annapolis Valley bar none!

Laurie-Lee Luoma Cooke
Re/Max Banner

You are a true professional!

Thanks for the outstanding work on my house. It looks awesome and I am sure it will sell a lot faster this way. Saying you are a true professional is definitely an understatement!! Thanks again.


We felt like we have a friend over...

Thank you Wanda for a great consultation, your ideas and advice from moving furniture, organizing spaces differently to little details we overlooked has transformed our house into looking good for potential buyers. You maintained a professional manner yet we felt like we had a friend over and the time just flew by. We have had many comments from family and friends on how great the house looks - thanks Wanda!

Kerry McKieve

Wanted a different approach

This was our second attempt to sell our house.  We decided to try a different approach and hired a house stager.  Wanda guided us through paint choices, furniture placement, things to improve and what to remove. She listened to our input and we worked as a team to make things look their best. All the positive comments on these changes confirmed that hiring Wanda was an excellent decision!  We would definitely hire her again if we had another house to sell!

Donna Deschenes

Personable. Talented and agile

Wanda is a home stager who is personable, talented and agile. She loves to rearrange and repurpose, and to work with what you have.  Or she can just tell you what needs to be done, then you can do it on your own time frame. Even if you are not at the "Must Sell" point, Wanda has many ideas that can help you enjoy your home while you still occupy it. These ideas will also help to sell your home so why not get double value for your dollars? Got a decorating dilemma? Wanda has answers, and those answers Make Sense!

Irene Hennigar

105% easier to sell...

As a Service Couple my spouse and I were expecting a posting message for summer, 2014.  In preparation we decided to have a consultation with Wanda and Makes Sense Home Staging and Design.  From beginning to end we both found the consultation both informative and reassuring.  There were many simple things that we would never have known could make such a huge difference when it came to preparing to sell our house.

Within a week of the consultation we received our completed report.  Not only was it clear, but it was tremendously detailed, and helpful.  We got started with “the list” right away.  The biggest and most important suggestion that she made was to update the kitchen.  Having asked a number of people in the past what was the easiest way to do that, the simple answer was there is no easy way.  Until we asked Wanda, Rust-O-Leum Cabinet Transformation was the way to go.  The process was time consuming, but not difficult.  We have a huge kitchen with lots of high quality DeCoste cabinets.  A process that took almost a month turned into an investment worth 10x the cost.  They always say the kitchen can sell the house, and thanks to Wanda we hope we have the kitchen that will do that!

We chipped away at the rest of list over 4-6 weeks.  As we went through and checked off one thing after another, we realized that we could never have made such immense progress so easily without Wanda’s input.  In her report she included where to get what we needed, and had business cards of the people/ businesses offering services to do it.

Without much warning we received word that we were in fact posted and needed to get our house on the market as soon as possible.  The first person I contacted was Wanda.  We knew we not only wanted, but needed her help to get the house ready for a Real Estate agent, and quickly.  Within 5 days we were able to get the house listed.

When our agent arrived to get the process started she could not believe how different the house was from when it had been on the market in 2012.  Painted shutters, doors, and just basic staging on the outside gave the house a whole new fresh look, or increased “curb appeal”.  When she walked into the kitchen and saw the difference her immediate reaction was “This place is going to be 105% easier to sell then it was last time.”  Not only was the kitchen updated, but the house was staged, decorated and ready to go.  She was able to take the pictures inside and out on her first visit, and the sign was on our front lawn the following day!

For anyone wanting or needing to sell a house, my number one piece of advice, is call Wanda, get your house “staged” and don’t think twice about doing so.

Thanks for all your help Wanda!

Karen & Jim

Thank you so much!

When our realtor suggested a stager my first thought was" Oh no. This is not going to be fun." I want everyone reading this to know how wrong I was.

Selling a home is stressful & having the right look takes the right person to achieve that for you.

Wanda did that & more. She was amazing. She took something that can be stressful & made it fun & stress free. Our home was beautiful to begin with but she made it look extraordinary just by moving pieces of furniture to different places & adding color to make something stand out.

Plus it was easy to do & was not overwhelming at all. Having Wanda do it made it more manageable & the house was done right.

Thank you so much Wanda for all that you did

I would & will recommend you to anyone selling their home.

Heather McMahon

Just to see what she had to say...

We brought Wanda in for a consultation just to see what she had to say about our relatively new home. The insight she offered and the incredibly in-depth report lead us to re-evaluate our home and go ahead and do some much needed landscaping and renovating. She connected us with some great people to get the work done and offered tons of helpful suggestions on style and color, keeping our limited budget in mind. Now our house is in a much better position to sell and we plan to bring her back for the final staging process when we’re ready to put it on the market.

Glen and Mel

She has done more than just given ideas...

I have used Wanda's services with helping to get the most of my space in my old home I just bought. She has been fantastic with ideas and helping to place things, hey she even has her own (pink) tools. She has done more than just given ideas, she digs right in and gets things done. Wanda is also open to hearing your ideas and why you would do it differently as she isn't the one that will be living in the space, but wants you to have it workable for you. I am very satisfied with Wanda's services and will continue to endorse her work and recommend others to use her in either reworking their space or staging for sale.

Sandra Hamilton

We thought our home looked great...

A few months ago we had to sell our house as we were relocated out of province for work. We thought our home looked great and was presentable to potential buyers but little we knew about all of the little things that needed to get done to make the house look perfect. We decided to call "Makes Sense" to guide us through this process and this was probably the best decision we made. Wanda was extremely knowledgeable and gave us excellent advice to make our house appealing and welcoming to potential buyers. Leaving the staging to a professional made the difference. Thanks Wanda.

Eric and Veronique Duquette

I thought I had done a decent job on my own...

I thought I had done a decent job on my own with staging my house, but after it sat on the market for three months, I decided to get a second opinion. Wanda was thorough and professional, quickly identifying issues and kindly pointing out deficiencies in my presentation of the house that I had not even considered. The pictures done for MLS after my house was staged by Wanda were a definite improvement and I believe this was an important factor in receiving increased traffic and an offer to purchase in just over two weeks. My only regret is that I did not think of using her services before I listed my house. Anyone trying to sell their home would make a wise investment by enlisting the services of a home stager and Wanda is obviously someone with a passion for the business.

Kerry Murray