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Top Three Tips for Home Selling

Can you believe it`s Spring? Spring means the start of the real estate season and it appears to be gearing up to be a busy one. It seems to have started early and houses are already beginning to move.

Home staging is simply the marketing of a home to capture the hearts and offers of potential buyers so that a house gets sold quickly, for the best price, and with the least stress. Small redesign strategies like changing the furniture layout, room setup, de-cluttering, de-personalizing, painting, and addressing lighting are just a few of the special staging practices that grab buyers’ attention and send them away with that excellent, all important impression of your home that helps them to think, “I want to live here!”

Almost every home can benefit from staging techniques. Here are a few steps YOU can take to help you make that first impression a positive and lasting one. These suggestions will emphasize the better features of the home and create a bigger, brighter space, thereby adding value to your home and making it more appealing to the most potential buyers.

The top three processes you can do yourself are: De-clutter, De-personalize, and Clean. Statistics show that these steps alone can increase your return on investment by 872% (according to a 2011 study by HomeGain.com).

De-clutter/Organize – This is usually the biggest and most important task to get your home ready to sell. Buyers want to see open space so they can picture their own belongings there. You want to keep the buyer interested in the house, not its contents. Go room by room and remove absolutely anything and everything that is not required in the immediate future. Organize the remaining items to look neat and well kept. The rule of thumb is to have everything only half full including kitchen cabinets/drawers/pantry – even the fridge if it’s remaining, all closets, bathroom cabinets/linen closets, and bookcases. This will make buyers think that there is plenty of room for their things. Clear the kitchen countertop by at least 80% leaving only a couple of items that you would use on a daily basis.

De-personalize – It is extremely important to put away all family and wedding pictures, certificates, trophies, collections, sentimental and other personal items. This will make it easier for the buyer to envision themselves living in the space. Remove any items that may show a unique personal taste, as well as any strong religious or political statements to avoid offending viewers. Replace family photos with generic pictures or artwork.

Clean – Everything must be spotlessly clean and shiny from top to bottom, inside and out. This includes wiping down walls; cleaning floors (being especially diligent about grout), baseboards and moldings; washing windows and window treatments; dusting and removing cobwebs; cleaning fans, lamps, vents, and light fixtures; and scrubbing the whole bathroom until it sparkles. Make sure there are no odors of any kind. Odors are one of the quickest ways to turn away a potential buyer.

Check back often as I continue to pass along more tips because “Selling your home faster, for more money, with less stress…just makes $en$e.”

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