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Turnoff Tuesday #4 – Personality PLUS!!!

Because the main goal of home staging is to help potential buyers imagine themselves living in your home, it is very important to remove all personal traces of those who currently live there.

Depersonalizing your home is all about neutralizing, or removing your personal taste from your home décor. It may seem cruel to hear that the “personal stamp” you have lovingly placed on your home needs to go for it to be more appealing to house hunters, but remember, you are selling your house, not your stuff!

It is extremely important to put away all family photos to make it easier for the buyer to envision themselves living in the space.  You’re not selling the family, you’re selling the house — so always let that be the center of attention.  A good way to do that is to replace framed family photos with generic pictures or artwork.

While this may look lovely to someone visiting your home, it is a total distraction to someone looking to buy.

Collections have a tendency to overwhelm a room, and too many pieces will create a cluttered look, which can be distracting to buyers. Therefore they may miss the lovely crown molding and the gorgeous fireplace because they are fixated by your china doll collection!

This home for sale in Brampton, Ontario, has become a viral sensation due to its creepy clown collection. :{


Take prized certificates and diplomas off the wall, and pack up your trophies for your new home. Depersonalizing your home of these items will help house hunters psychologically move into your home.

Eliminate any items that make a strong religious or political statement. Taxidermy, furs, and leathers should also be eradicated to avoid the possibility of offending viewers.

This might be extreme, but even one mount on a wall could turn away potential buyers.

And remember that no one wants to see bathrooms cluttered with personal items, makeup, and toiletries.  Yes, you will need these items for day to day living, but keep them hidden in baskets out of sight for listing photos and during showings.

Keeping it simple and generic will help make your home feel warm and inviting. As difficult as it may be at times, depersonalization is critical to make potential buyers want to live there.  But keep in mind that depersonalizing your home too much can make it appear cold and unfriendly.   Contact me for a consultation to find that perfect balance that will leave buyers wanting to move in and make it their own.  It just Makes Sense.

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