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Turnoff Tuesday #6 – Dysfunctional Rooms

Because over 90% of buyers cannot see beyond what’s shown to them, it’s critical to have all rooms set up to show their function and potential before they are listed.  Don’t leave viewers guessing what room they are in or whether there is enough room.

If you have three bedrooms, they should all be set up as bedrooms…not a craft room, office, or playroom.  And empty bedrooms should be furnished and staged to show their function.

Third bedroom set up as office.

Bedrooms should always be shown as bedrooms.

Empty bedroom.

Now it shows the purpose as a relaxing space for sleeping.

Open concept spaces are more difficult to define so it’s important to show the various roles of the area.  If it’s a living room/dining room combined, show both purposes using the proper furniture.  If something is missing, buyers may automatically assume there isn’t room available for both.

Large open living room/dining room set up as dining room only

Set up to show there is room for a living room and dining area.

Living room and play area…but is there space for a dining room?

Lots of space for everything to fit comfortably.

Viewers can be easily confused.  Define each space for a particular purpose.

Office, workout room, reading room???

Nice family room.

And don’t miss an opportunity to show off your outdoor area to it’s finest.

Hmmm…what could you do out here?

Lots of space for dining, relaxing, etc.

Don’t leave anything to the imagination..show them what they need to see.  It just Makes $en$e.


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