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Turnoff Tuesday #7 – Wacky Paint Colours

As much as I love color, when you are selling your home, I’m afraid I’d have to advise you against letting your true colors show.  The idea of staging is to make your home appealing to the highest number of buyers. You want to attract their attention in a positive way, not because you are known as the house with the orange dining room or the purple bedroom.

Buyers do not want to have to paint once they have purchased a property and are busy moving in and getting settled.  If they see colors they don’t like when they are browsing online, they are more likely to skip over your listing and move on to the next, especially if it’s more than one room.

Bright and bold…

Neutral paint with added colour using accessories.

Purple would not be the colour of choice for many buyers.

More pleasing to viewers.

Colour can change the mood of a space and can make a room appear larger or smaller, lighter or darker.

Living room looking dark, dreary, and dated.

New colour makes the room appear brighter and larger.

Dining room appears dark and small.

Even painting one wall in a lighter colour made the room appear larger and brighter.

And don’t forget about the outside.  Paint colours can change the whole curb appeal.

Isn’t it worth your while to buy that can of neutral paint and make buyers stop and take notice?  Even if it’s a color they don’t like, at least they can live with it until they get around to making the change.

Having me in for a staging/colour consultation prior to listing just Makes $en$e.

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