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Turnoff Tuesday – Unappealing Curb Appeal

This is my first installment of my “Turnoff Tuesday” series.  Every Tuesday I will be posting about issues that can or will turn off potential home buyers.

Because curb appeal is the first thing buyers will notice about your home, it’s going to be #1 on my list.  If buyers don’t like what they see on the outside, chances are you won’t entice them to come inside.

Potential buyers need to be able to see the home from the street so trim back any overgrown shrubs, trees, or gardens. Mow, trim, rake, and water your lawns regularly. Fix any brown patches and keep weeds to a minimum. Clean up after pets. Keep the gardens low maintenance. Clean out all the weeds and add some natural colored mulch. Adding mature flowers, shrubs, or trees to your property will give it a more finished look. Repair any cracks in paved driveways and reseal if necessary.


Replace, repair, and/or paint the garage doors and trim if required.  Because of the size, garage doors make a huge effect on visual impact.  According to studies, “replacement of a standard garage door with a mid-range or upscale model is one of the quickest and most valuable investments a homeowner can make,” with a ROI of about 84 %.

An attractive front door/entry not only adds to a home’s curb appeal but it can boost the market value.  Replacing your front door, hardware, and light fixtures and enhancing the entryway can improve the overall look of a home, not to mention the perceived value, immensely.  Even a fresh coat of paint on the door can improve the visual impression.  Get rid of worn out door mats and ensure that the front steps look inviting by adding a new one if desired.  A charming focal point, like a walkway or fountain, adds major value to your property.    Adding a bistro table, a bench, or even a couple of chairs to a front porch can boost the charm factor.  Use pots of flowers for color in the summer months and urns of greenery in the winter.  Make sure your house number is clearly visible and in good repair, and the front entryway has bright lighting for the evening hours.  Replace bulbs if needed, and replace broken or outdated fixtures.


Make certain front steps are sturdy, in good repair, and have a fresh coat of stain or paint. Power-wash the siding and eaves trough and clean all windows. Fix or replace the roof and clean the chimney. Don’t forget about sheds and other outbuildings. They must be in good repair and clean also. If they are in poor repair, consider tearing them down. Clear away anything old, worn, and broken such as cracked planters, construction materials, etc. Put away any children’s and pet’s toys, and remove any sports equipment such as basketball nets, bikes, hockey nets, etc. Repair fences and give a fresh coat of paint or stain if needed.

Don’t forget the back yard too – it’s just as important to the overall curb appeal. It should be appealing and inviting for entertaining outside. If your deck or patio is not in good condition, repair or replace it. If it’s in good repair, pressure wash and stain it, or even give it a coat of water sealant to protect it. Set up a patio table and chairs or a conversation set to show what a great area it can be for entertaining and socializing. Add pots of flowers to give it more color and interest.


Improving your home’s landscaping, replacing or painting your front entrance door, repairing or replacing decks and walkways, replacing windows, and replacing siding and/or painting the exterior of your home all rank high among the home renovation projects with the highest return on investment (ROI). After all, this is the first impression that buyers will have of your home, so it just Makes Sense to make it most pleasing and increase the perceived value.

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