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Turnoff Tuesday – Wicked Wallpaper

Buyers have a hard time seeing past wallpapers and borders when they are viewing a home, either online or in person.  Yes, it’s true…there are some nice new wallpapers on the market once again, however, I’m seeing a lot of the “old” stuff still in listing photos.

Wallpaper is a very personal taste item.  Remember how long you poured over the sample books looking for the perfect pattern to put in your home.  Well that takes us back a few years and chances are that print is now very dated and will not appeal to (m)any.

Wallpaper not only dates your home immensely, but it means time, money, and work to strip it off and repaint the areas involved.  Some sellers have it in numerous locations.  This will send buyers packing to avoid this tedious task.


If you have wallpaper or borders, it’s time for it to go.  Removing it and painting BEFORE you list your home will add value and increase interest.  It just Makes Sense.

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